Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Is it wrong to stand and watch someone backing their BOAT of a car into the disabled parking space, shouting,
'That's the disabled space and you're not disabled!'? Of course not, so long as you say the, 'except mentally, obviously,' in a lower voice.

A teacher who brought a school group to the Nature Park today deserves a big, gold star. He walked them in a good old-fashioned crocodile from the school. He wore a safety vest and the front two children carried bright orange flags. His teaching assistant brought up the rear.

I met our parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Party today, Raymond Chan. He proffered his hand as I went in to Superstore and attempted to thrust a leaflet at me. His assistant tried to do the same, but she remembered me from last week.
'Thank-you Raymond,' said I, staring at the artificial whiteness of his teeth, 'but I can't vote.' He continued to poke the leaflet in my direction, so I repeated my position in the kind of tones used on foreigners by Britons of my parents' generation.
I went around the pumpkin display and selected one. When I got right the way round, Mr. Chan approached me again with his leaflet and we went through the whole thing over again.
When I came out of the store, same scenario. I felt at this point, that had it been an option, I would have voted for the assistant.


Karemay said...

Yesterday I saw groups of children leaving the local infant school. Many of the them were wearing 'high viz' vests along with some parents.For our recent trip to France we had to buy one as its now law that you have to have one when driving there.

Sleepy said...

Will Raymond Chan and his ilk come door knocking?
Let me know if they do and I'll give you my Dad's strategy for dealing with them!

Schneewittchen said...

Wow, wearing a high vis vest while driving would be a GREAT idea here too, it would wake some of the drivers up. The French just amaze me sometimes, at other times, they just leave me standing with my mouth open, shaking my head.

I doubt they'll come knocking Sleepy, but you never know. If he does, I think I might do a Catherine Tate on him. Am I bovvered?...etc. It'll be fun!

Karemay said...

No, actually in France you don't have to wear the vest when you drive, just if you break down and need to get out on to the road:)

Sleepy said...

The French should wear the vest JUST to alert you to the fact that they are FRENCH!
Most useful.

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