Sunday, 5 October 2008

Are Baboons Evil?

Departure. Always the sad day.

It was sunny for most of the day and then it started to rain just before we had to go to the airport. On arrival, there was one case between two, on departure, three massive ones and bulging hand luggage. I don't envy them getting that lot across London.

Oh well.

But Sleepy gave me a great laugh this afternoon. She told me to look on YouTube for Eddie Izzard on the Grahame Norton show. Remember that we're about two years behind here as far as the Norton fix is concerned.
Grahame had found a service that you could text and ask any question of and within minutes, an answer would come back.
So he asked,
'Are baboons evil?' (Something much discussed earlier in the show;)
Quickly, the reply came back,
'Yes, baboons are evil. Anything that steals your windscreen wipers while waving a red bum in your face is the work of the dark side.'
Pure mischief ! Love it :)


Sleepy said...

This morning that text service chose my clothes!

Schneewittchen said...

You must have given them quite strict parameters I imagine ;)