Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Each day we think it's the last day of the good weather, autumn wine. Today was no exception whilst being indeed, exceptional.

Vampires. Not especially Octobersome, more....Decemberish...or perhaps Augusterly... and yet that new Vamp series, 'True Blood' is as addictive as its fictional drug, 'V'. It is as it should be. Blood, sex, magic. Note how I leave out the sugar, no sugar. Vamps live openly among us, out of the coffin they are reviled and blamed for every crime, yet fascinating to all.

Waiting tonight for 'Bones', eating Kevin's favourite Fast Food in an attempt to tempt, to get the patient, impatient patient to at least eat, we saw the end of an ep of series four of Deadliest Catch in HD. This is why we have actors, real people don't look well on TV.
Captain Sig looks wrecked in HD, better to watch the grainy Captain on a grainier channel.


Sleepy said...

Didn't get in to True Blood.

Schneewittchen said...

That does actually surprise me.

Sleepy said...

I will give it a go on your recommendation.
This bollocky Virgin TV thing will let me watch the 1st series in one hit.
It'll give me something to do during the night.