Saturday, 4 October 2008

Blustery Day

If your offspring or other guests wish to cross the border for...whatever reason, go on a blustery day. In both directions, there was hardly any wait.

We left yesterday afternoon, I skived off work early and although my own visa waiver lasts until November, Alex and Seth had to have one. To be fair, the homeland security at one of the crossings we use are usually helpful and polite; yesterday we had not-polite, but ruthlessly efficient. I guess you can shrug off the lack of courtesy.

I like being in the in-laws' RV when the rain is drumming on the roof, and especially when the wind is disturbing the trees. It finds the brown leaves in the evergreen cedar and in the morning there is a carpet of it.

This morning, Mount Baker, so huge that when you see it makes you go 'WHOA!' was hiding. You wouldn't have known it was there at all. The sun came out for a little wave and a smile and then let the rain take over again.

Abercrombie and Fitch. What's with that shop? Why does it smell of Lynx aftershave (Axe here) and how the feck do they keep it so drenched the whole time? You can taste it as you approach the store, it's like a perfumed force field. You go in and the music is so loud you feel obliged to dance. Well, I do, no-one else seems to have the same compulsion.
But A&F was the object of the expedition. My twenty-somethings spent much money in there. It's not as if they don't have one in London, but then, only one, and it's twice as expensive.

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Anonymous said...

I remember A&F in San Francisco. Don't know if I ever showed you the pic - it was my facebook pic for awhile - of the stunningly, absurdly hot black male model who stood shirtless just on the inside of the store. There was apparently also one upstairs. His job was to stand there in his crotch-revealing jeans and attract the women. (and some men too I guess). I'm off to look at that picture again.
- Karen